El Hierro

El Hierro is the smallest and southest of the Canary Islands. In its 268 km2 you can find diverse landscapes, from pahoehoe lava to Monteverde areas with
species of laurel and evergreen forests, with Canary pine tree woods, grazing areas and a huge area with tropical fruit plantation. This scenic variety is accompanied by the existence of microclimates, which can ensure that those who visit El Hierro have the impression of having visited a continent full of contrasts.

The island is divided into three municipalities and has a population of about 10 thousand inhabitants. Valverde, the capital, is the only Canary capital that is not on the coast, something that was done as a strategic measure due to the continuous attacks of ships.

It has two awards from UNESCO: El Hierro Biosphere Reserve in its entirety since 2000 and Geopark since 2012. These two awards are connected to natural and geological values, something that is clear to the visitor who comes to El Hierro. In recent years, the island has been on the covers of the mainstream media, not only Spanish but also from abroad and even from “across the pond”, for two very different reasons: the last volcanic eruption in Spain (2011) and the commissioning of Gorona del Viento. In the first case, it was an underwater volcanic eruption, which occurred a half mile from La Restinga (fishing village on the southern end of the island).

In the case of Gorona del Viento, we talked about the first island that is self-sufficient in renewable energy without having a wire connection with any other territory. So far, this self-supply is in specific hours (it has reached up to 72 hours straight), but they are still working on increasing the supply of clean energy to achieve 100%.


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Download documents “permissions and procedures” for:

Shooting, filming and advertising photo shoots in the coastal areas will be subject to approval by the Demarcation of Coasts in the Canary Islands, which reports to the Ministry of Environment, because it is an area of maritime and terrestrial public domain. You should request this permission one month before the commencement of activities, since the record is complemented by other reports issued by local and autonomous bodies with relevant powers, which will have a month to issue their reports. Once the documentation provided is examined and the authorization is granted, the fee for occupation of the maritime and terrestrial public domain in favour of the Government will be charged.

Consultations for request and delivery of documentation should be addressed to the Coastal Provincial Service of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, either by the
telephone +34 922 446 400 or fax +34 922 272 983, or by sending an email to sbatista@magrama.es

If you are shooting in the Marine Reserve of Las Calmas Sea, it is not enough to have a shore license. You should write the D.G. for Fishing Resources and
Aquaculture drpesmar@magrama.es. You should also contact the D.G. for Fisheries of the Government of the Canary Islands. Specific contacts shall be given by the phone number +34 922 557 188. Similarly, you can find information about the Marine Reserve at www.reservasmarinas.net

To shoot in different holiday resorts, you should contact mkarima.meridiano@gmail.com

To roll in the public spaces of the different City Councils, you should address directly to them.

  • Valverde City Council: +34 922 550 025
  • La Frontera City Council: +34 922-555- 999
  • El Pinar City Council: +34 922 558 085

Natural spaces: To shoot in natural areas, you will need to request two licenses, both at least one month ahead. One to the Ministry of Environment and the other to the Ministry of Infrastructures, Maintenence, Public Works and Roads

The contact the Ministry of Environment is Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Domínguez mrodriguez@el-hierro.org (phone number +34 922 553 400 ext. 1721); the one of the Ministry of Infrastructures, Maintenance, Public Works and Roads is Victoria Cabrera Soto vcabrera@el-hierro.org (+34 922 553 400 ext. 1512)

You can consult the different natural spaceshere

Cinematographic shooting on any road in El Hierro needs two licenses that have to be requested simultaneously to the Government (Ministry of Infrastructure, Maintenance, Public Works and Roads) owner of the street, and to the D.G. for Traffic (DGT), responsible for the security in it. The person to contact in the first case is Victoria Cabrera vcabrera@gmail.com (phone number +34 922 553 400, ext. 1512) and in the D.G. for Traffic is tirce.jpttf@dgt.es (+34 922 227 840)..


In order to shoot in La Estaca Port, you must request permission to the Authority Ports of Tenerife, reporting dates and hours of filming. Moreover, If you are going to occupy this space, an amount corresponding to payment of a fee must be paid. The requests should be sent to dominiopublico@puertosdetenerife.org. If you need more information, please
call +34 922 605 400. If the shooting is to be done in the port of La Restinga, the request should be sent to solicitudestf@puertoscanarios.es. For more information, please call +34 922 924 169.


For shooting, cinematographic recordings or advertising and photographic reports, it is necessary to request permission to Aena and pay the published rates on the web via email dahierro@aena.es or phone number +34 922-553-700. They will send you the forms to be

completed for the relevant licenses.

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