Film shootings resume in the Canaries, now with 50% direct deduction

After having to stop film shooting for two months due to the Covid-19, the Canary Islands are currently positioned as an ideal location to start filming again. And they’re back offering an increase to their attractive tax incentives, which make them one of the best film shooting destinations in the world.
Since 6th May, and to be granted retroactively since 1 January, foreign productions shot in the Canaries can benefit from a 50% deduction on the first million spent on the island and 45% from then on. The main requirements for shooting real images have not changed: the total production budget must be over 2 million euros and at least 1 million euros must be spent on the Islands. As for Animation or VFX, minimum expenditure stands at 200,000 euros.

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The Canary Islands are among the Spanish regions that have best managed to contain the health crisis caused by the Covid-19. So, since 11 May, shooting in interior and exterior locations on the islands is allowed. The local professionals are back to work and follow a safety measures protocol backed by the Ministry of Culture and the main Spanish film associations. The Canaries’ major airports have been reactivated for international flights and are expecting to open the ‘safe corridors’ in July.

See the safety measures protocol for filming

It is a fact that shooting is back in the Canaries. That you can now bring your Spanish crew to the islands is a fact too. Proof of it is the filming of the second season of Movistar+ series Hierro that has already started.
Thanks to a strict health protocol developed by Movistar+, Portocabo, ARTE France and Atlantique Productions, in collaboration with the Government of the Canary Islands and the Cabildo de El Hierro, the crew and cast are back on this tiny Canary Island and on set.
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Even more: the Government of the Canary Islands and the Clúster Audiovisual de Canarias are promoting a new filming in streaming method   which does not need the director or the head of departments to be physically on the set. This is an ideal formula to shoot commercials as the creative agency, the client, and part of the crew can be in their region or country of origin while shooting interior and exterior locations in the Canary Islands with local crew, who will meet all the health protocols for risk prevention. 
The Canaries are almost back on the path they were following before the pandemic broke out and are a safe destination that is attractive and financially irresistible to filmmakers.  In the last year alone, the Islands welcomed 114 productions including the series The Witcher (Netflix), Peacemaker (Matila Röhr), Doctor Who (BBC), The Head (HBO Asia) or Sky Rojo (Vancouver for Netflix), or the superproduction The Eternals (Marvel, Disney)
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